A new website

Would you like to know everything there is to know about BiOBUDDi? Patience... In July we will launch a brand new website with more background information, all of our products and much, much more.

How is it produced?

BiOBUDDi believes it is possible to play and have fun with toys without harming the environment. This was the reason for us to create toys from biological material. The base of the material origins from leftovers of...

New: BiOBUDDi store display

The new BiOBUDDi store display is here! Outstanding, draws attention and tells the story of BiOBUDDi in a few seconds. An addition to every store concept. BiOBUDDi are environment friendly toys with an affordable price. As...

Launch of a new “green” toy brand

BiOBUDDi is the new name for the environment friendly toy brand made and created in the Netherlands. At the moment the toy line consists of 13 different toy sets, but the intention is to scale up quickly....

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