BiOBUDDi values

BiOBUDDi is friendly to the environment. The production process, the use of the building blocks and the waste phase of BiOBUDDi’s building blocks is entirely eco-friendly.We start our production using the waste of sugarcane plants, unlike oil this is a sustainable resource. The building blocks are recyclable making them sustainable even after usage. We want to spread a positive influence on the lives of both children and adults by helping our environment.


Global warming is affecting our planet more and more. The many exhaust fumes being released into our atmosphere change the climate, the temperature rises. The high temperature causes drought on many places resulting into failed harvest and increased forest fire. The heat causes the polar ice and glaciers to melt, increasing the water level. An increased water level may lead to flooding. The aftermath will be devastating. To prevent this from happening we must start building a better tomorrow. It is our duty to make the planet a place anyone can safely live a healthy life.
BiOBUDDi believes every child should be able to play with eco-friendly toys. By creating durable toys in an eco-friendly way, we can help the environment and increase ecologic awareness of parents and their children to put an end to global warming. Only then both our current and our future generations can enjoy life on our beautiful planet. Oil-based plastics used in regular toys harm the environment. This has to stop. BiOBUDDi shows these manufacturers one can create toys without harming our planet and how we could all to our part in “Building a better tomorrow”.


Having fun makes everything go easier. Fun gives you positive energy, this energy spreads to those around you. For BiOBUDDi, fun means creating and completing new creations with sustainable building blocks. Having fun is easier together; playing together, exploring together and creating together. BiOBUDDi stimulates the fantasy and imagination of children. Children are having the most fun building a world of their own, a world of building blocks.


Learning, exploring and experimenting, BiOBUDDi brings education and fun together as one with a variety of subjects and themes. Playing with building blocks helps stimulating children to develop skills like creativity, imagination and motor skills.


BiOBUDDi separates itself from other toy manufacturers with the choice of material and we are proud of it. This revolutionary production method is new and to ensure the safety we carefully watch it from up close in the Netherlands. We aim to improve constantly to ensure both safety and quality of our products.

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