‘Letting children play with toys that do not harm the environment’. At BiOBUDDi we believe that it is possible to have fun with toys that are not harmful to the environment. In July 2017 we started producing environmentally friendly bio-based building blocks to combat global warming.

According to Steven van Bommel, founder of BiOBUDDi, to date most toys are made from scarce raw materials, such as oil. ‘The harmful gases that are released during the production of oil-based toys can reach 2 to 7 times the weight of the product and thus contribute to the greenhouse effect’, he explains. ‘However, the building blocks of BiOBUDDi are produced from the remains of the sugar cane plant and are therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly. Together we are building a better world and future, so: Start building a better tomorrow! ‘

BiOBUDDi is more than just a name and a logo. It stands for a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand that produces and sells educational and safe toys to provide children with hours of play and building pleasure.

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