BiOBUDDi is nominated as a finalist for The Eco-Excellence Awards™ 2018

Dutch toy brand BiOBUDDi is nominated as a finalist for The Eco-Excellence Awards™ 2018 from NCW magazine. The eco-friendly company is a finalist in the Nursery Toys category. The winners will be announced on September 11, 2018, and will be listed on the Eco-Excellence Awards website.


De Eco-Excellence awards 2018

“First of all we are incredibly honored to be recognized by Natural CHILD World magazine, which reviews hundreds of the best sustainable and socially responsible products and services”, said Steven van Bommel, CEO, BiOBUDDi. “Furthermore we are committed to develop and sell sustainable, socially responsible, eco-friendly and educational toys that don’t harm the environment.” The winners of The Eco-Excellence Awards™ will be selected by consumers, toy retailers, experts, and a celebrity panel.


Consumers and toy retailers can vote for their favorite environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable products, services, companies, and websites at now through August 31, 2018.


Who are BiOBUDDi and for what do they do?

BiOBUDDi is the world’s first and best-selling eco-friendly toy blocks producer. The Dutch company is committed to building a better tomorrow by developing and selling eco-friendly, educational and safe toys for children aged 1.5 till six years old. Their building blocks are made from bio-based plastic sourced from sugarcane and are manufactured in the Netherlands. BiOBUDDi offers a broad range of infant, toddler and preschool products within the following six categories: learning, learning to create, learning to build, baseplates and wildlife. The products stimulate children’s development and make learning fun.


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About Natural CHILD World magazine

Natural CHILD World’s ambition is to offer parents a platform to get inspired, informed and connected with like-minded people in order to take action and to make a difference. A difference that has the potential to shape and change the future of children.


Editor in Chief Barbara Manconi founded the platform eight years ago. Natural CHILD World has been a champion of sustainability and social responsibility. They continue to support companies and people committed to finding new healthy and smart ways to help children to thrive


The Eco-Excellence Awards™ are the only ones of their kind to recognize excellent social, environmentally sustainable products, services, companies, and websites. Fans reviewed over 500 products and over 364,00 fans voted last year.


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